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Vallesarca - Alto Garda

Camping Resort Drena

Loc. Al Castello, 38074 Drena

Trento (Italy)

Mail: campingresortdrena@gmail.com

P.Iva: 02132950227

Phone number in the Italian language:

+39 328 422 19 84

Telephone number in English and German:

+39 366 143 87 01

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Welcome to the Camping Resort Drena

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The Camping Resort Drena offers an immersion experience absolute in nature.

At the foot of a medieval castle, you will be in contact with the mountain that overlooks the lake, almost as if to immerse himself in it. Our guests are projected into a dimension where sport and adventure are available to all ages, but as the Great mother Nature teaches us, only those who will respect the beauty and the delicacy will be welcomed into his arms that protect.

Located in a natural environment, perched on the slopes of the Alps, it offers to anyone who is ready to face the harshness and the beauty of this enchanting corner of Europe, in which the water and the land, lake and mountain, the Mediterranean and central Europe meet.

And as all the lands of the border and the border asks visitors to be prepared, experienced, enthusiastic to live in a new dimension that will take them beyond everyday life, in a spirit of challenge in which to climb, walk, bike, or on a rock wall, represents the symbol of the challenge of man to their limits.

Open all year

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autumn-winter 2018




We have five Chalets on two floors that can accommodate up to 6 people and two suitable for families of 4.

All with views of the magnificent Castle of Drena.

Tepee Apache

Indian Village


Check out our new Indian Village - Tepee Apache.

5 Tents in the style of the native americans for an alternative holiday, immersed in the nature of Alto Garda.




We have five Chalets on two floors that can accommodate up to 6 people and two suitable for families of 4.

All with views of the magnificent Castle of Drena.




If you are looking for a weekend at' sign of relaxation , or you want to combine a holiday with treatment benefits of the sauna or Turkish bath.....

.....you are in the right place!




Camping by the unique features for the layout, and construction. Spread over a height difference of about 50 meters.

Fifty of the rooms. Pitches large "comfortable", pitches smaller for short stays for those who need a point of reference during the "desk", Pitches to fully immerse yourself in "nature" and stations for "camper".


autumn-winter 2018


The winter is approaching! You have already organized your week?

The Campsite is open all l' year and the winter sports are not lacking. Take a look at the desk of skialp, and all the events of the season autumn-winter 2018.

Offer of the end of the year, in collaboration with the alpine guide


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