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Vallesarca - Alto Garda

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+39 328 422 19 84

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+39 366 143 87 01

Camping Resort Drena

Loc. Al Castello, 38074 Drena

Trento (Italy)

Mail: campingresortdrena@gmail.com

P.Iva: 02132950227



Indian village - Tepee Apache

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An indian village inside the camp combines the convenience of our services to an alternative holiday at' sign of contact with the surrounding nature.

5 teepees are waiting for you to offer this experience to the whole new!

Heated, lighted and serviced by electric current. All services offered are included in the price.


The history of the Tepee...

The Tepee (which in practice means a dwelling) are of the tents used by the native americans.

Originally constructed by the indian women were made with a set of poles covered with skins, birch bark sheets, laid in multiple layers that were filled if necessary with hay during the winter. In the center was an opening to release the smoke of the fire used for cooking and heating. Tends very versatile and could be disassembled and transported first, with the help of the dogs, and then horses later.

Equipment recommended for a stay in the Tepee:

  • stove camping gas
  • pots, pans, and everything needed for cooking
  • dishes, dishes and glasses
  • Sleeping bag ( possibility to rent sheets, pillow, duvet)
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